Who's Andy?

Rather than a person, Andy is a philosophy: seeing the art in everyday things. Coffee is consumed daily by so many people and is often not valued for the amazing flavour bomb it actually is. With Andy we try to get coffee’s true identity to a wider audience.

Therefor our first Andy Blend is an easy to brew, low margin of error coffee. It stays true to our light roast, while sourcing coffees that naturally offer the chocolaty, nutty notes you all crave for. Next to that we offer a range of fruity, more complex coffees which will truly get your tastebuds going. 


For single origins we believe in the third wave coffee vision. Roasting light allows us to fully explore the beautiful world of coffee. With our 3 ranges NOT SO FRUITY, FRUITY WASHED and FRUITY UNWASHED we believe we cater for a wide audience. We are proud to find true gems over and over again. 



Digging. We source our greens from several speciality orientated traders across Europe. By cupping as many coffees as possible we dig until we find the little gems that often stay hidden. As we use different traders we can gain the most out of their specific expertise.

Our first concern is the pleasure we get from brewing the perfect cup. Playing around with both our roasts and brews and keeping an open mind gives us an interesting angle towards the bean. We love the hits and learn from the misses.

Understanding. By continuously trying to learn and educate ourselves, we aim to understand coffee even more every single day. Coffee being so complex and ever evolving, makes it necessary to stay on the ball.